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Optician: Helping You See and Look Better

Just because you are having problems with your eyesight does not mean you have to resign to your fate of not being able to see the world around you better.  An optician is here to help you. An optician is also called a dispensing optician.  They are trained to help ophthalmologists and optometrists by filling […]

Learning About Optometry and Optometrists

Having problems with your eyes or vision?  It may be time to visit an optometrist near you.  Even if you are not having problems, you should schedule a comprehensive eye exam no less than every two years, although once a year is suggested. An optometrist is a primary eye care provider who examines the eye […]

What is an Ophthalmologist?

There is much confusion about the specific roles of the three O’s:  Opticians, Optometrist, and Ophthalmologists.  Here we will discuss the role of the ophthalmologist. Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine devoted to eye pathology and surgery. A general ophthalmologist is considered a secondary eye care provider who diagnoses and treats a broad range of […]